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Ovelly Essentials is a proudly Nigerian natural skincare brand born out of passion, research and a never-ending drive to help people (particularly women) embrace, nourish and flaunt their natural skin tone.

We use responsibly sourced and premium quality natural and naturally derived ingredients to make products that are safe, effective and affordable while maintaining high levels of hygiene and good manufacturing practice.

We believe strongly that all skin tones are beautiful and what we need is the right care and nourishment to make it flourish.

Ovelly brings to you the best of top quality, effective and safe natural skincare daily essentials with a touch of luxury (We pay attention to the fragrance, the look, feel and packaging of our products)

It is never too early or too late to get on a healthy skin regimen. We are here to help you get the healthy and radiant skin you truly deserve.

The Ovelly Ethos

    Our products are made form the very best of natural and naturally derived ingredients. We do our very best to make sure we bring you the best of quality and finesse EVERYDAY

    We craft and bring to you the best of natural skincare to meet your everyday needs and give your skin its much needed radiance and health.

    Our products deliver on the promises made about them and the reason they were formulated. They are well researched and handmade with lots of love. There is an art and science involved in formulation and we absolutely pride ourselves in our ability to put all these factors together to bring you these high performance products we carry.

  • SAFE
    We absolutely do not compromise, cut corners or joke with your skin. You can rely on the safety of our products. We also ensure to list ALL our ingredients on the labels, so you know exactly what you are using on your skin.

    At Ovelly Essentials, we believe that skincare is HOLISTIC: this means other factors like lifestyle, hygiene, exercise, diet ..etc have very important roles to play in our overall well being and also our skin. We constantly educate our customers on these other aspects of skincare. Topical application of skincare products alone would not give you the healthy and radiant skin you desire and deserve!

Our Team

Omole Olubukola
Omole Olubukola
I am Omole Olubukola: the founder of the Ovelly naturals skincare essentials brand. I am a passionate and qualified natural skincare formulator. I hold a diploma in natural skincare formulation from Formula botanica amongst other local and...

My name is Omole Olubukola: the creative director and lead formulator for Ovelly essentials. I am a passionate and qualified natural skincare formulator with  a diploma in natural skincare formulation from Formula botanica amongst other local and international trainings and qualifications. My vision is to make every African woman confident and beautiful in her own natural skin tone and I craft our products to help achieve that.

African women are subconsciously made to believe that our skin needs to be altered to be beautiful. I have fallen into that trap before and out with a message of all times that: Our skin is beautiful; we only need the right care to make it flourish.

I can hold your hands through your skincare journey and you can be sure it’s one of the best decisions you would be glad you made for yourself.

We have other seasoned skincare formulators and consultants in our team and together we research and carefully craft all the products we bring to you.

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