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No! Our products cannot be termed organic . We are a natural skincare brand and our products are made from the best of natural and naturally derived ingredients. We focus on bringing you the best of Safe, Effective and Luxury skincare essentials.

Yes! Our products are made from the best of natural and naturally derived ingredients, good manufacturing practice and standards, Our lead formulator is well trained and certified (she works with other well trained and seasoned formulators), products are also properly labelled by international standards: We absolutely do not joke with your skin!

No! Here at Ovelly Essentials, we believe absolutely in the beauty of our colored skin and we know that all skin tones can flourish with the right care and attention. We do not engage in unethical and unwholesome practices of mixing in toxic bleaching agents into our products to whiten the skin (which is NOT HEALTHY)

Our products are guaranteed to nourish, repair and visibly brighten your skin but not drastically alter it.

You can place your orders through this website: www.ovellyessentials.com, instagram DM: @ovellyessentials, whatsapp: 08067426877 or 08135559447 and facebook: @ovellyessentials.

No!  I am a certified skincare formulator with a great grip on how the skin is structured, how it functions, properties of natural and naturally derived skincare ingredients and how to make products to suit skin types and concerns. I am also a budding esthetician. There are however some skin conditions which are beyond the scope of knowledge of formulators like myself and when such inquiries come, I make prompt referrals to dermatologists and in some cases aesthetic doctors.

Handmade, high performance, luxury, safe, top quality and well packaged skincare like ours costs a lot to craft and we would rather give you the best of skincare products than cut down on prices and make substandard products. You are very well assured of quality and value for every amount spent on Ovelly Essentials products. Every dime you spend on our products is a great investment for your skin.

No! Ovelly Essentials does not offer any form of training for now but we sure can recommend seasoned and well-grounded formulators and institutions to learn from.

Our products have an average shelf life of 6 months. We craft them in small batches and ensure it gets to you fresh every time you order. 

We are currently an online store based in Abuja, Nigeria and do shipping both nationwide and worldwide.

Yes! Our products are very much safe in pregnancy, but you might want to consult with your dermatologist if you have specific concerns for your skin that require medical attention.

No!  We currently do not make products with SPF but we always strongly advise and recommend the use of sunscreen. 

Not at the moment! Our products currently caters basically to women with a few products in the range for men. We however have plans to cater fully for the whole family in the pipeline.

Yes! We carefully craft the best of luxury and high performance skincare products but if for very rare reasons you need to return your products, you can do that within 5 days of purchase but the shipping fees for return will be borne by you.  

Not at the moment! I am very passionate about acne and would love to help other women managing acne but the brand is currently doing further research and working on the acne range. Details will be up once available for purchase.

Apply product to a small part of your jaw extending to your neck(for face products) and into the inner part of your elbow (for body products). Watch out for any form of irritation or reaction. Repeat process for 48 hours; if no reactions, it tells product is compatible with your skin and you can thus carry on using it as directed.

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