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I love love to preach skin!

Do you know why? it’s partly because it’s the largest organ of the body and such a wonderful one too.

The skin comprises basically of 3 layers.

  1. EPIDERMIS: This is the outermost layer which serves as a waterproof barrier, responsible for the color, texture and suppleness of the skin, it is also responsible for immune response to things like cosmetics, weather, e.t.c.
  2. DERMIS: This is the layer underneath the epidermis. It contains sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, collagen fibres..e.t.c..
  3. HYPODERMIS: The innermost layer that contains fat and connective tissues.

These i have mentioned are just the basics. A little more research on the skin and i’m certain you would be in awe of how God designed our skin and how it functions.

What you should be concerned about and pay good attention to are the effects things like diet, lifestyle practices, cosmetics e.t.c have on your skin.

The skin is sure very delicate and this here is a reminder that you need to be careful what you apply on your skin and how you treat it.

Asides good diet, hygiene, e.t.c, you need to use safe and effective skincare products consistently in a regimen.

Need to know how to care for your skin and setting up a good regimen for yourself, you can send in a message through the contact form on this website, send an Instagram DM or a whatsapp message to: 08135559447. i’m all ears and ready to help.

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead.

Much love and healthy skin.

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